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Our Founders (LaMont “Montee” Evans, Luga “Jaye” Joseph [RIP] and Emmanuel Dennis) started this organization in 2001 with one primary mission that remains to this day: to protect and promote healthy Black communities, both domestically and internationally – through program, organization and community development. In 2021, this remains our focus and commitment.

Ghana, West Africa (Since 2006)

We believe our history is directly connected to where the slave ships came from. In 2006, we begin doing health education and disease prevention work in Ghana, West Africa. From providing fruits and vegetables to those in hospitals, hosting soccer tournaments to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, to providing uniforms and school supplies to school aged children – HBC is on the ground in Ghana working.

Committed to Black Excellence

Since we were formed in 2001, our focus has been to ensure African Americans/Blacks have access to health information that will assist them in maintaining their quality of life and partnering with other leaders who are committed to keeping our communities healthy.

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About Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

HBC’s Official Website.

Since we started some 21 years ago, we have always believed our work must be bound and connected to the work of the many other individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations that love People of African Descent. “You can’t lead Black people, unless you love Black people. You can’t heal Black people unless you help Black people. You can’t save Black people, unless you serve Black people.” This we believe with our whole heart.

We invite you to fall in love with the idea of doing all that you can to move the needle forward in making the health and wellness of Black People a priority domestically and internationally. Generations to come will thank you.

HBC Focus Areas

We are maximizing our work in the United States and Ghana, West Africa.

iPromised Ghana

iPromisedGhana is a Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (USA) Ghana, West Africa community development initiative that works to assist in improving quality of life for youth and young adults. We have several key projects in the country, including schools and organizations. For 2021, we have added the development of bore holes (water wells) in those areas with the greatest needs.


2021 Salaga Report

HBC Promised Ghana, LBG (Ghana’s sister organization) embarked on a three-day tour to Ghana’s poorest village – East Gonja District (Savannah Region) in April 2021, precisely Salaga. This was an effort to learn more about the community, make a donation and see how to provide additional help. As a result, the first ever donation to the 31st December Women’s Movement Kindergarten and Primary School was done.


Black Awareness Days

Within the African American/Black community throughout the United States, there are a number of areas we intend to focus on and raise awareness as well as mobilize community leaders, distribute information, education and seek testing and treatment options for a number of diseases that impact our community. We titled them Black Awareness Days because we are unapologetically Black focused,


The HBC Story

Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (HBC) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt community based organization established in August, 2001. Three Black men (LaMont “Montee” Evans, Emmanuel L. Dennis and Luga J. Joseph) founded the organization in Atlanta, Georgia with three key purposes; educational, social and charitable.

HBC is governed by a Board of Directors, and the organization is structured into four divisions (Centers): Center for Black Family Wellness; Center for Black Same Gender Loving Development; Center for International Excellence and the Center for Organization & Technology Development. While Blacks make up approximately 13.4% of the United States population, HBC is headquartered in DeKalb County, Georgia where Blacks make up almost 55% of the county’s entire population.

HBC Internationally

The Center for International Excellence (CIE) focuses on mobilizing resources to help individuals in other countries, particularly West Africa. In 2006, HBC begin working in Ghana and has donated sewing machines, student desks, uniforms shoes, books, food care packages, etc. to multiple communities.

We adopt proven concepts/strategies that will improve the quality of life for marginalized communities outside the United States. We were there in Haiti after the Earthquake to deliver medical supplies via backpacks. We deliver capacity building and technical assistance trainings that improve skills of non-governmental organization leaders and staff as well. The primary focus is to share what we know and utilize Pablo Friere’s community development model to improve the life of global community members.

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