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Center for Same Gender Loving Development

The Center for Same Gender Loving Development focuses on developing programs and services responsive to mobilizing and improving the quality of life for Black same gender loving people. SGL is a cultural term that affirms the same sex attraction between men and women, created in the early to mid 90’s. The primary focus is to work within the Black SGL community, giving infrastructure and capacity building assistance to individuals, organizations and businesses that focus on providing a product or service that enhances the SGL Black experience.

We believe the dynamics of community and family have changed and highlighting the value and contributions of Black SGL individuals is key to ensuring the fabric of the African American/Black community remain strong.

As a result, National Black Queer Awareness Day is to mobilize People of African Descent to have authentic and tough conversations around sexuality, gender identity and sexual orientation. It is also a day for African American/Black SGL individuals to recognize and honor those leaders and trailblazers within the community. 


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