Healthy Black Communities, Inc.:

We encourage individuals who are part of larger groups (i.e., Fraternities, Sororities, Churches, Sport Teams, Etc.) to form a Giving Circle. This is a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate their own money or time to a pooled fund. Once all donations/funds have been collected, the Giving Circle decides together which project(s) within HBC they would like to support.


This has a win/win effetc, it allows everyone who gives to learn of the “Giving Circle” and increases as well as raises awareness of and engagement in the issues covered by HBC, Inc. Many “Giving Circles“, in addition to donating their money, also contribute their time and skills to support local causes. We invtie you to form a “Giving Circle” around one of our projects/initiatives. We’d be happy to provide you with our logo and technical support in setting it up. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions or concerns as you form your “Giving Circle“.

How You Can Help HBC

There are a number of ways you can support the work we do domestically and internationally.

Donate Now

We need your help to bring all of our programs to the forefront.

Make a Gift

Include us as a payroll deduction or legacy gift in your Will.

Mobilize Your Circle

Tell your friends to support us and become involved somehow.

Sponsor a Project

Check out the many opportunities that exist for you to be a Sponsor.