Healthy Black Communities, Inc.:

100% of your gift funds the project. We take no Administrative or Operating Expenses from donations given. As more needs are identified, we will update this page. Also, we will remove those projects that have been completed and put them on our “Completed Projects” page along with listing those donors/sponsors.

The costs for our projects vary depending on project type, geography, and local economies. As of June 2021, we have six outstanding projects ranging from $1,140 up to $100,000 with descriptions below.

Once you’ve made your gift, we’ll pair it with an appropriate project (or projects). Should you as an individualgroup, organization, or corporation be interested in sponsoring a project, please send us an email via and we will contact you directly to discuss.

Thank you in advance for considering the sponsorship of one or more of our projects.

All Souls Anglican Basic School A&B

Project Needs: Eight teacher cupboards for use in the classroom. 110 Aluminum Roof Sheets for repair of leaking ceilings. 85 Dual Desks for classrooms with overcrowding of students.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $16,000

La Cluster of Schools

Project Needs: 46 pairs of shoes for students whose current shoes are worn out. 15 school uniforms for those whose uniforms are torn or ripped.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $1,140

Methodist Girls Senior Secondary High School

Project Needs: 85 pairs of sandals for young girls attending school.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $2,550

Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyyah Senior High School

Project Needs: Power Plant (Generator) for school to be able to continue teaching in those classrooms requiring electricity.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $40,000

Takyiam District Assembly Basic School

Project Needs: 323 educational/learning books for students to improve learning in the key subject areas. ICT Lab to be built for school to be able to teach the basics of computing.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $19,845

31st December Women’s Movement KG & Primary School

Project Needs: 500 Book Bags/Backpacks with school supplies for students in KG to Primary School. Completion of 12-year old abandoned school building. Boreholes for access to clean water for women, men, girls and boys. Women’s Economic Development Program.

Estimated Costs to Complete: $162,600

What am I paying for when I sponsor a project?

Once you decide to become a sponsor, you tell us exactly what it is you want to support. 100% of your donation goes toward the project(s) you give to. We source all shoes, uniforms, desks, cupboards, etc. locally so no shipping costs incurred.

Is my donation tax deductible?

For all donations made directly to Healthy Black Communities, Inc. in the USA, your donation is eligible for the maximum allowaable tax deduction. Please let us know if you need a receipt verifying your contribution.

How do I get a report/receipt of the donation I made?

We are happy to provide you with a formal receipt on our lettehead. Please note, all donations are acknowleged on our website along with the donor. For some donations, we produce a video mentioning the donor(s) by name, city, etc. 

Can I decide on the project to sponsor?

Absolutely, just let us know what project you want to target and we will ensure all of your contribution goes to that specific project.

How will the project be maintained?

Healthy Black Communities, Inc.’s sister organization HBC Promised Ghana, LBG monitors all projects and keeps the lines of communication open with all Project Statekholders. An update is made on both organization websites and social media to show the progress.

How do I get progress updates on project(s) I sponsor?

You are more than welcome to email us at to request an update on the project and/or sponsorship. We are 100% transparent with all donations and activities surrounding the projects so everything is posted on the websites.

Is the amount stated fixed to complete the project without add in?

Mr. Francis Osei Sarpong, Ghana Country Director works very hard to ensure there are no add-in or price bloating with any of the projects. We have been successful in keeping all projects at the donated amount. 

How much is the community involved in building the Borehole and what happens after it is built?

Depending on where the Borehole will be located largely depends on the involvement of the community. We conduct a Handover Ceremony whereby once we have completed the project, met with the Chiefs, Community Leaders and Members, the maintenance and care of the Borehole becomes the responsibility of the community. Some donors may have the Borehole Area branded with their logo/imagery but it will no longer be the responsibility of HBC, Inc. or the donor/sponsor to provide any further maintenance. 

Can our group do a collective fundraiser?

Absolutely, we welcome small groups, fraternities, sororities, organization, churches, businesses or even city governments to work with us on launching a campaign. HBC will assist in developing the marketing materials, designing a webpage with your logo/branding so that members feel a sense of ownership for the project. Please contact us to discuss and plan this.

What can go wrong?

The only time something can really go wrong is if we have failed to think the project through completely and spoken to all the parties/authorities. We have a team in place in Ghana and work with our contractors to ensure 100% success is possible. 

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