Healthy Black Communities, Inc.:
Vision, Goals and Core Values


HBC’s vision serves as the framework for the organization’s Roadmap and will guide every aspect of the organization’s development of programs and services as well as what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve sustainable and quality growth as a domestic and international organization.

  • Human Resources: Provide a safe and challenging work environment that allows people to realize their value and worth, while contributing to the organization.
  • Program and Service Portfolio: Develop within each community the organization has a presence, an array of programs and services that are directly responsive to need.
  • Partnerships, Collaborations and Relationships: Nurture a healthy network of individuals, organizations, funders, government agencies, countries and communities that work towards the common goal of health education and disease prevention.
  • Domestic and International Presence: Serve as a responsible universal citizen in the countries HBC operates and assist in making a difference by contributing to the health and wellness of Black communities.
  • Financial Resources: Never seize to identify small, medium and large financial opportunities that allow the organization to be programmatically and fiscally responsible.
  • Infrastructure and Capacity: Ensure that the growth and development of the organization is comparable to its leadership and management.

Goals of HBC

In order to pursue the strategic direction described herein, HBC will:

  • Identify local, federal, foundation and international funding opportunities to ensure programs and services are developed at a pace comparable with organization’s leadership and management capacity.
  • Continue to foster and build relationships, partnerships and collaborations which shall serve to expand the reach of programs and services offered to communities the organization has a presence.
  • Strategically identify board members who are able to assist in identifying resources as well as posses’ academic credentials that will serve in ensuring competent leadership.
  • Develop a programmatic framework for each Center within the organization’s structure and employ competent managers who have the skills to further develop their portfolio of funding sources, programs and services.
  • Form partnerships with nongovernmental organizations in peaceful African countries whereby health education and disease prevention best practices can be exchanged between the organizations.

Core Operating Values

Core Operating Values are the fundamental values or ideas at the heart of HBC, they articulate ideas that the organization aspires to hold itself accountable for and offer guidance about how the organization behaves in carrying out its mission.

The following core operating values influence the culture and public image of HBC as an effective local, national and international community-based organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families and communities.

Caring Attitude – HBC will demonstrate compassionate support and concern for Black communities regardless of socioeconomic status.  As a part of this caring attitude, HBC will educate and inform consumers and their families about health and wellness issues most disproportionately impacting their neighborhood.

Responsiveness – HBC will work tirelessly to find solutions that meet the needs and preferences of those communities it operates in through direct programs and services or by making referrals to other providers.

Respectfulness – HBC honors and respects the choices of African American/Black people, encouraging each person to take control over their own life, and helps to shape these based on what is important to each consumer.  The organization respects the role families have in helping to shape these choices as well.

Individualized Support – HBC knows that people’s needs vary significantly and can change over time; the organization will always seek to understand the individual consumer and co-create the right support services for each person’s and community’s development.

Diversity – While HBC is an unapologetic African American/Black focused organization, the board and leadership understand that Black people do not live in a vacuum and participate in broader diverse communities.  With this in mind, the organization’s programs and services will be provided to as many people as financial resources are able to support.

Integrity and Accountability – HBC has the highest level of integrity in its administrative, service and outreach activities; the organization ties these activities directly to its mission and maintains reports and records accurately as well as secures information and data on consumers in a safe space.

State of the Art Practices – HBC aims for excellent, high quality, state-of the-art approaches that African American/Black individuals and families can always count on to be there.

Partnerships – HBC works with a wide variety of partners and advocates for quality service by all partners.

Advocacy – HBC educates the public and advocates for the long-term bests interests of health disparities disproportionately impacting African American/Black communities.

Financial Sustainability – HBC believes its work as an advocate and service provider will be needed for many years into the future.  Therefore, the organization strives to deliver on its mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure sufficient financial resources have been identified.

How You Can Help HBC

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